Andaman is one of the fascinating beach destinations in Asia. It has many sun-kissed beaches, and one can always make the most of his Andaman packages. This article takes a peep into your Andaman tour and gives a glimpse of the best beaches.
Andaman is the ultimate land of the seafarer. If you have a penchant for the waves and sand, then you cannot miss out on an Andaman tour package deal. The entire set of islands is just so beautiful and picturesque that its charms would bamboozle you. There are many beaches on these islands. But there are some which are more beautiful and much more exquisite. Here are some of the best Andaman beaches you can visit after booking an Andaman tour package. Make sure to visit all of them:
Radhanagar Beach
Situated on the Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is easily the best beach that the island has to offer. It is an aquatic paradise with such pristine sands and so inviting sea that you would be drooling in a trance. And this is no bragging or exaggeration! The famed Time Magazine has given this beach the coveted title of Asia’s best beach. The esteemed magazine also clubbed it into its hallmark of top 10 beaches in the world and ranked it at number 7. The water is very clear out here. And the lure of the sunset is too tempting to resist. Therefore, most Andaman packages include Radhanagar Beach in their itinerary. It is, in the true sense, the ‘Jannat’ of Asia.
Corbyn’s Cove
Corbyn’s Cove is another excellent beach in Andaman. It is swanked by coconut and palm trees which heighten the natural beauty of the shores. If Radhanagar scores for its pristine beauty, then Corbyn’s Cove makes a point with its cool water sports. If you are a sports fanatic and wish to try your hand at some adventure games, then do not forget to visit this beach. A game of surfing shall leave you refreshed, and snorkeling too would give you a new lease of life. The marine life can be a heavenly sight. And there is nothing better than to go diving on these pellucid waters.

Butler Bay
Butler Bay Beach is not as popular as the ones mentioned above. For some reason, it has always been robbed of its share of glory. But if you are an avid surfer, then you cannot get a beach more inviting than this one. The waves are unyielding at this corner, and so it is a delight to enjoy surfing. Even standing in the water and allowing the cool waves to strike you with ferocity is an experience to cherish. Many people on their Andaman tour just land on this beach out of sheer accident or luck. But it is then that they discover its unspoken charms and its less explored beauty. They instantly get enslaved by its tranquility and savor all the good memories back home.
Red Skin Island beach
It is another beach which is not the most famous attraction, but if you are interested in underwater life, then this place has got the best collection of oceanic animals. The corals and the fishes which you find lurking below the surface can seriously leave you hypnotized.

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